Monday, December 15, 2008

READ this!!!

the most selfish one letter 'I'-avoid it
the most satisfactory two letter 'we'-use it
the poisonuos three letter 'ego'-kill it
most used four letters 'love'-value it
mosy pleasing five letter 'smile'-keep it
faster spreadings six letters 'rumours'-ignore it
hardworking seven letters 'succes'-achieve it
most enviables eight letters 'jealousy'-distance it
most powerful nine letters 'knowledge'-acqiure it
mosy divine ten letters 'friendship'-maintain it

huh...besar mknenye tu...aku dpt kat dlm satu novel tu...bleh than la...byk ayt bunge..aku cadangkn korng bce novel!!!tjuk die....BAYANGAN RINDU oleh ANIS AYUNI...bce la..seronok...hu4....

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+farah+ said...

ko bace anis ayuni nye buku?